Camtasia as a research method

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This blog is a work in process (not progress per say) and an investigation into the ways in which we can use new and digital media in a variety of ways to “see” and “look” and “explore” online spaces so that we might study these online spaces by bracketing off moments in order to study how they evolve and change.

Coming soon…Camtasia screencasts outlining how to use Camtasia as a research method for studying online materials.  Camtasia, created by the TechSmith corporation, is a versatile and robust screencast software which can be used in a variety of ways to create presentations for multiple audiences.  My goal will be to create screencasts that demonstrate not only how to use the software in a basic functional sense, but to help you explore how Camtasia can be used in alternative ways to capture online materials as saveable, storable files for coding and research exploration.


3 thoughts on “Camtasia as a research method

  1. Michelle Partridge-Doerr

    I’ve used Camtasia in the past and loved the functionality. I’m excited to learn more about it!

  2. dennismohr583

    I’ve used camtasia to make tutorial videos before but I never considered its potential as a research tool.

  3. jfranklin583

    I think it’s great to use a tool like this for capturing online materials. There’s so much stuff that, in theory, is being cached, but still may never be accessible to more than a few people. And it’s great when people can show you new ways to use tools.


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