Camtasia Tutorial 2 – The Interface

This is part 2 of a 15 part series of videos outlining how academics can use Camtasia to create screencasts.  This specific video provides a basic description of the interface.

To view part 1: Click here


5 thoughts on “Camtasia Tutorial 2 – The Interface

  1. dennismohr583

    Having only ever worked with Cam Studio in the past these videos are very helpful in explaining how much more Camtasia can do. This is going to be a very useful series.

  2. digitalmediajen Post author

    I’ll have to consider how tutorial 4 would sound without music. I’m so used to incorporating music into the work I do outside of school that I hadn’t considered whether or not it might be a distraction in an education setting. very interesting!

  3. digitalmediajen Post author

    I’ll try creating Tutorial 5 without the music just to see how it feels. For me, the music is helping create the illusion of a “quicker pace” because of the slightly longer length, and also helping to downplay the fact that my T’s and P’s are popping a bit more than I’d like them too…but i am patiently waiting for my new windscreen to arrive in the mail!


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