Camtasia Tutorial 9: Transitions

Part 9 of a 15 part series.
This tutorial describes how to use transitions as part of your screencast.


3 thoughts on “Camtasia Tutorial 9: Transitions

  1. michellepartridgedoerr583

    That’s an important note about the audio locking to the video when transitions are addded. It may not seem like it, but adding a few 3- second transitions can really throw off the synching between the video and audio. To me, unlocking the audio is usually creates a lot more work, but I can see the value in maybe adding transition audio along with transition pages.

  2. dennismohr583

    Transitions can be a big deal in producing video–Lucas made the wipe famous with Star Wars and it is nice to see some advice on how to work with them in Camtasia.

  3. Lon Naylor

    You can also change the duration of individual transitions by Right Clicking on it in the timeline and choosing: Transition Duration. This works in both Timeline and Storyboard views.



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